What are the most environmentally-friendly franchises?

Being green is not just having a moment, it’s here to stay. Increasing numbers of businesses, franchises included, are being enticed by the potential benefits of the rising number of consumers interested in conserving natural resources, supporting our ecosystem and limiting the amount of waste generated along with the desire to “do the right thing”. That’s why a growing number of franchise businesses have already gone green and are offering business opportunities for like-minded franchisees.

Whether it’s all-natural products or food ingredients, an operational approach that avoids synthetic or potentially toxic supplies or conserving wildlife there are a number of franchises which classify themselves as “environmentally-friendly” businesses. The amount of green franchises is on the rise in industries such as transport, energy, cleaning, fitness, pest control and food retail, among others.

Investing in green franchises is good for the future generations, the environment and making profits. It should definitely be considered by new investors. There are many green franchises available for sale which can be explored.

Most major franchise directories will have green/eco-friendly franchise sections so that would be a good place to begin your research. You will realise that there is a plethora of options online, however, while lots of franchises claim to be environmentally-conscious but you should do your own research into the validity of this statement.

Some examples of eco franchises:

Green Machine

Commercial cleaning business started in 2012. Green Machine’s focus and drive is to provide “GREEN” cleaning through their range of eco-friendly services. They claim to be a one-stop solution for truly environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning and associated soft services. Covering the Northampton and Sheffield areas as well as the South West.

Fantastic Services

A competitor of Green Machine, Fantastic Services was founded in 2009 and aims to be a one-stop shop for 25+ professional home cleaning and maintenance services and uses high-grade equipment that is inaccessible to everyday households.

Their website says they take “a nature-friendly approach to the services you love”. Everything they do takes nature and sustainability into consideration, combining modern technology and intelligent service design.


No-H2O is an Irish company, established in 2007. They have a network of franchises in Ireland, Europe, The Middle East and The Americas and have been franchising for eight years. No-H20 is a waterless car cleaning product which can be used anywhere. They have also developed an on-demand car cleaning app – like Uber but for car washing.

As part of their USPs in their brochure they refer to their “strong environmentally-friendly brand offering”.

Green Square

A new franchise providing renewable energy solutions for multiple sectors, from home-owners to house builders and small business owners looking to reduce fuel costs.

The company plans to establish a network of easy-to-access showrooms across the UK in order for customers to visit and learn how they can reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions, insuring them against rising fossil fuel costs whilst giving them a financial reward for doing so.

The Refillery

A plastic-free online and physical grocery and ethical goods store in Edinburgh, they have over 1000 products available. Their vision is “to make plastic free and ethical grocery shopping accessible to everyone. Helping more people move towards a minimal waste lifestyle. Reinventing the local grocery store by creating an inclusive community shop where customers feel valued and share our mission to always protect People, Place and Planet.”

Formed in early 2019 they are another brand which is relatively new to the franchise market.


Zedify operate a model of consolidated zero emission deliveries utilising microhubs and a fleet of electric cargo bikes. The operation is driven by a technology platform and the system can dramatically reduce the price of deliveries in cities whilst also having a positive impact on creating healthier, more liveable cities of the future.

They currently have 10 hubs but plan to expand to 54 hubs by 2024.


A Hampshire-based retailer of bikes and e-bikes, as well as a provider of bike servicing, repairing and upgrading. The company, owned and run by professional cyclist Owen Patterson, was gearing up to launch its franchise opportunity just before the Covid-19 pandemic began and has been boosted by the increased interest in cycling generated by the pandemic.

PGH Beegone

The PGH Beegone franchise prides itself on its environmental credentials. On the Beegone side we actually save honeybees by removing them from tricky locations such as chimneys and wall cavities and rehoming them alive with local beekeepers, a suitable distance away from their original location. Bees are vital for a number of reasons – not only do they pollinate crops, they also help plants to survive and produce honey and wax.


Our PGH Pest Prevention business helps protect wildlife by putting proofing and preventative measures in place so that animals are not able to get themselves back into harmful situations and the requirement for pesticides is greatly reduced.

If you’d like further information about becoming part of the PGH Beegone family, please get in touch with us:

Tel: 01483 387414
Email: opportunity@pghbeegone.co.uk

Experts in pest control and prevention serving homes and commercial properties. Our mission is to identify, control and exclude pests and customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We employ a holistic approach, dealing with and resolving problems by providing preventative work for a long-term solution. We tackle a wide range of pests including rodents, insects, large animals and birds and are passionate about conserving the environment.

Pioneers in the live bee removal field with an established client base across the UK from private clients to blue chip companies and even international and local pest control firms who sub-contract out to us. The safe process moves honeybees and combs from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides. We extract bees alive and relocate them before bee proofing the structure to prevent more returning. We carry out all aspects of the work in-house and provide unrivalled benefits to clients.

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